"Old Fashioned" Cocktail Caramels (Seasonal Flavor)

Our play on the classic "Old Fashioned" cocktail.  Buttery soft caramel infused with aromatic bitters, Kentucky bourbon whiskey and orange extract.  The only thing missing is the coupe glass.

These "Old Fashioned" Cocktail caramels are currently sold in:  (i) quarter pound sized boxes, finished with our classic mocha brown waxed cord; and (ii) 2.5oz resealable hand-stamped pouches.  Since each of these caramels is hand-cut, the sizes will vary somewhat.  Each quarter pound box should contain approximately 11-13 pieces and each 2.5oz pouch should contain 7-8 pieces.

Our caramels are best when fresh and should be consumed within 12-16 weeks of delivery.  If you're able to keep from eating the whole box after opening, we recommend storing your caramels in an air-tight container to maintain freshness.


Type: Caramels

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