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Tennessee Toffee (Classic)

Garden & Gun Magazine Made in the South Award Winner

Back Story.  Our Classic Tennessee Toffee made by slow cooking Grade AA butter and pure cane sugar until that perfect golden color is achieved, adding a splash of barrel-aged bourbon and a handful of fresh roasted pecans, and then finishing it off with a covering of premium 60% cocoa dark chocolate and just a hint of crunchy sea salt.

Package Options & Description.  

  • Each resealable pouch will contain 2.5oz of broken toffee pieces (3-4 large chunks).  Due to the warm weather, we are now selling these in packs of three to facilitate shipping. 
  • Each one-pound hand-stamped box will contain 16oz of broken toffee pieces (20-25 large chunks).

Warm Weather Shipping Fee.  Due to the warm weather and the fact that this product contains chocolate, you will notice an automatic charge for Warm Weather Shipping Protection when adding this item to your cart.  This additional fee of $15.00 is required to cover the costs of an insulated container and frozen gel packs to ensure your items arrive safe and sound. In addition, we will only ship chocolate containing products Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of each week.

Shelf-Life.  Our toffee is best when fresh and should be consumed within 3-months of delivery.  If you're able to keep from eating the package after opening, we recommend storing your toffee in an air-tight container to help maintain freshness.

Reminder on Production Time. Lastly, since our caramels are made fresh, it will typically take us 3-4 business days this late in the holiday season to get your order prepared and ready for shipping.

Warm Weather Notice .  All toffee shipments will only be sent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.


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