"Thank You" Boxes


Back Story.  Inspired by the amazing stories we witnessed involving our front-line medical workers, first responders and others during the COVID-19 crisis, we created these hand-stamped box designs to make it easier to express our collective gratitude for their sacrifice and efforts.

Package Options & Description.  You can choose any of our in-stock caramel flavors as well as the box design you like best.  Each 4oz box contains approximately 16 individually wrapped pieces and since each piece is hand-cut, the size will vary somewhat from our target size of 1" long by .5" wide by .5" tall.  However, since we sell our caramels by weight instead of by the piece, you will never be shorted candy that you otherwise paid for.

Reminder on Production Time.  Your order will take 1-3 business days to be prepared and shipped.

Box Design

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