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Father's Day Gift Box (Seasonal)

Back Story.  Being a father to my three young girls has been the most rewarding experience of my life and Father's Day has become one of my absolute favorite holidays.  This custom, hand-stamped box is a great way to show just a little bit of your appreciation and love to that special father in your life.

Package Options & Description.  Our Father's Day caramel boxes are available in all of our available caramel flavors as well as a four-flavor sampler.  If you chose a single flavor, the box will include 8oz (or approximately 32 hand-wrapped pieces) of caramel in the flavor of your choice.  If you choose the four-flavor sampler, it will include four 1oz pouches that each contain 4-pieces of caramel in each of our most popular caramel flavors (Original Salted, Bourbon & Maple Pecan, Hand-Crushed Espresso, and Craft Beer & Pretzel).

Shelf-Life.  Our caramels are best when fresh and should be consumed within 3-4 months of delivery.  If you're able to keep from eating the whole box after opening, we recommend storing your caramels in an air-tight container to help maintain freshness.

Reminder on Production Time.  Lastly, since our caramels are made fresh, it will typically take us 1-2 days to get your order prepared and ready for shipping.

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