Hand-Crushed Espresso Caramels


Due to the holiday season and recent article in the Magnolia Journal, we have been absolutely overwhelmed with orders.  We have been able to add some inventory over the last few days and will ship orders for this item within 5-7 days after ordering.  Your transit time will be in addition to that order turnaround time so please take that into account.

Like that perfect cup of coffee on a cold morning, these espresso caramels are something special.  Our small batch, hand-made caramel is infused with crushed Costa Rican Tarrazu coffee beans, a shot of pure, fresh pulled espresso, 100% natural vanilla and almond extract and then finished with a sprinkling of hand-crushed espresso beans and sea salt.

The coffee beans found in our hand-crushed espresso caramels are 100% Costa Rican Tarrazu that have been masterfully roasted to a full city roast by Memphis based coffee roaster J. Brooks Coffee Roaster.  Costa Rican Tarrazu beans are clean, well-balanced, with a berry/citrus flavor, that is often sweet, winy, and vibrant with a fine, bright acidity and a finish that reveals spice and chocolate undertones.  They make a perfect compliment to our caramels.

Our Hand-Crushed Espresso Caramels are currently sold in:  (i) quarter pound sized boxes, finished with our foil stamped logo; (ii) 2.5oz resealable hand-stamped pouches; and (iii) 1-Pound hand-stamped boxes.  Since each of these caramels is hand-cut, the sizes will vary somewhat.  Each 4oz Box will contain 15-16 pieces, each 2.5oz pouch should contain 9-10 pieces and each 1-pound box will contain approx. pieces.

Our caramels are best when fresh and should be consumed within 3-months of delivery.  If you're able to keep from eating the whole box after opening, we recommend storing your caramels in an air-tight container to maintain freshness.

Lastly, since our caramels are made fresh to order, it will typically take us 2-3 days to get your order prepared and ready for shipping.

Type: Caramels

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