Dot's Pretzels

Back Story.  We were first introduced to Dot's Pretzels by our friends at @ourfauxfarmhouse and absolutely couldn't stop eating them.  There is something so addicting about the seasoning sprinkled on each pretzel that you really can't stop with just one hand-full.  We also love that they are a fellow small business trying to share their passion for making a great tasting snack and we even partnered with them to create our Salty + Sweet Combo Set.  You can get a free sample with any order by clicking the "free sample" box during check-out.

Packaging.  Choose between the 16oz and 5oz size bag of pretzels that features a resealable closure to keep the pretzels fresh.

Ingredient Commentary.  For full disclosure, we've included a list of the ingredients in Dot's Pretzels below.  Some folks find some of the ingredients objectionable (e.g. MSG) so we wanted to make sure you were aware before ordering.

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