Dark Chocolate & Strawberry Caramels (Limited Edition)

Our play on a chocolate covered strawberry, we blend our smooth and soft caramel with dark chocolate, a touch of sea salt, a hint of aged balsamic vinegar, and finish it off with sweet little dehydrated strawberries.  We'll start shipping these beauties on February 1st.

These Dark Chocolate& Strawberry Caramels are sold in:  (i) quarter pound sized boxes, finished with our classic mocha brown waxed cord; and (ii) 2.5oz resealable hand-stamped pouches.  Since each of these caramels is hand-cut, the sizes will vary somewhat.  Each quarter pound box should contain approximately 11-13 pieces, and each 2.5oz pouch should contain 7-8 pieces.

Our caramels are best when fresh and should be consumed within 4 weeks of delivery.  If you're able to keep from eating the whole box after opening, we recommend storing your caramels in an air-tight container to maintain freshness.

None of our products, including these delicious caramels, contain high-fructose corn syrup.

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