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Cherry Cheesecake Caramels (Limited Edition)

Back Story.  One of my mother's favorite desserts is cherry cheesecake.  There's just something magical about the flavor contrast between the creamy cheesecake and the tart cherries.  So, for Mother's Day 2017, we took the classic cherry cheesecake and kicked it up a notch.  Starting with our legendary soft caramel, we fold in some of the classic cheesecake ingredients as well as handfuls of chopped, dried bing cherries, then we finish each batch by sprinkling crushed graham crackers over the top.

Package Options & Description.  

  • Each 2.5oz resealable pouch will contain approximately 10 individually wrapped pieces.
  • Each 4oz box will contain approximately 16 individually wrapped pieces.
  • Each 1lb box will contain approximately 64 individually wrapped pieces.

Shelf-Life.  Our caramels are best when fresh and should be consumed within 3-4 months of delivery.  If you're able to keep from eating the whole box after opening, we recommend storing your caramels in an air-tight container to help maintain freshness.

Reminder on Production Time.  Lastly, since our caramels are made fresh, it will typically take us 1-2 days to get your order prepared and ready for shipping.

Type: Caramels

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