Shotwell Candy Co.

Somethings are just timeless. Shotwell Candy Co. was born out of the memory of my great-grandfather, L. Shotwell George, who was born in 1906. Grandpa Shot, as we called him, owned and operated a general goods store in Aliceville, KS for the bulk of his life (1922 - 1971).

Great-Grandpa Shot in his store.My grand-mother, mother and other family members vividly recall sneaking caramels and other classic candies from the candy bins located in the store while Grandpa Shot (who had quite a sweet tooth himself) looked the other way. Out of this history we formed Shotwell Candy Co. to offer you the timeless flavors and character found in our caramels.

Shotwell Candy Co. was founded by Jerrod & Lisa Smith out of their home's kitchen with the expectation that every person trying these caramels will soon find them to be one of their favorite things. They make wonderful gifts, great night-caps when you just need that small something sweet, or the perfect side to the morning coffee.

In addition to our wonderful products, we aim to provide you with the highest possible level of customer service.  Our number one goal is to ensure you are totally satisfied in your dealings with us and you should not hesitate to let us know how we can improve your shopping experience.

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